it speaks volumes...

As I listened, I found myself even more inspired to begin my written documentation of our musical journey throughout the city. I haven't blogged in months, maybe its even been a full year. I've traveled, lived elsewhere, pursued higher education and spiritual growth. I have returned to fulfill my purpose (that's another story for another day)
I had been inspired to re-vamp my expression space weeks ago after I re-discovered Detroit's music scene at an open mic night at a popular Downtown venue, The Shelter. I started some creative brainstorming and gathering material but nothing got me to post. Until now. 
It was a bit ironic. I was browsing through my email and found this submission marked "Do Not Release until April 15, 2013" whats today? 
I took it as a sign. Listened and found myself re-discovering the very reason I began this blog in the first place. 

LAINE NOIR incorporates my expressive space's very purpose; to bring together immaculate creative direction, complex lyrical & musical genius, and thought provoking visual asthetics. 

This piece is an incredible example of crisp cohesion and the result of dedication to one's craft. Each artist involved receives my respect. It is the conception of passion by way of gifted souls. It is LAINE NOIR.

& it's true meaning hasn't even been revealed yet.
Stellar way to capture your audience and re-introduce your images. 
My hat is off to you all. 
Thank you for giving me an even greater way to re-introduce Lyrics & Couture. 
l o v e & (Detroit) Hip-Hop. 
Lyrics | Jacob Bryant & Gitty Banda for Phil Swish's "Black Wool"
Creative Direction | Choice Gaines Kevin Purify of Defigurer Le Monde
Couture | Defigurer Le Monde
Musical Artistry | Ashton Woods
Cinematography | Viranel Clerard
Presented By CLDGME Design


Nolan The Ninja "N.T.A" [Prod. By. J. Woods]

The Ninja rhymes over Black Moon's "Buck 'Em Down"!
Passionate flow, enough said.

Finally, a date!  'NinjaTown' will be releasing on August 7th, 2012!

For More..


Here's the original Black Moon recording that was sampled for "N.T.A.": http://youtu.be/Q5nk_J-SQ_4

Detroit's Very Own:: Chavis Chandler "Penetration" [Visual]

 One of MY FAVORITE joints from Chavis.. Penetration. The tale of two beings who HE has decided should be lovers. Lol quite the attraction is portrayed in the visual. I had imagined something a little more provocative knowing the artist personally, but this visual does the music justice nonetheless. Enjoy.


Detroit's Very Own:: Chavis Chandler "On Our Way" & his MTV Debut [3.1.12]

Detroit's Very Own  Chavis Chandler is definitely on his way, and he's taking Detroit (particularly the Eastside) with him. On March 1st, at approximately 4:30pm, Chavis made his first major television appearance on MTV's RapFix LIVE. This day was a surprise to many of his fans, a great one. Hard work pays off & Chavis is living proof. I can't wait to see whats next. Beyond proud of him. He laid this one down in lieu of the interview. 

Bridge Card Raps the MIXTAPE Coming Soon

T o k y o D R E A M S
the album.

Detroit's Very Own:: Accomplice "One Time" [2.27.12]

                             T I M E
 The Accomplice; new to Lyrics & Couture, has certainly proved himself with this one, a snippet.. To be continued soon (we hope) from his up & coming project CCCXIII
At just 17, he produces, mixes, and of course, writes all of his own material. He's definitely on his way.
He makes it a point to showcase his age and ability in many of his lyrics, he compares himself often to his competition, they are complacent in his eyes and he is "waking up at 5 am, on the road to greatness." 
Follow him. 
p r e p a r e yourself.


J Dilla Tribute [Better Late Than Never]

The Stereo Boyz pay tribute to their Hometown Hero J.Dilla and also present this video to Maureen Yancey aka Ma Dukes as a Valentine's Day gift.
The tribute was performed at the Stereo Boyz show at Magic Stick Lounge in Detroit on Feb 2nd 2012 by the Detroit Dance Union. Mixo (Stereo Boyz) had the idea for the Dance performance to a selection of J.Dilla's beats and the choreography was put together by Jodie Svagr of the Detroit Dance Union. 
Appearing during the tribute: Fat Ray, 5Ela, Supa Emcee, Stereo Boyz, Dj Sicari, Valid, John C and more
Also: Dead Prez, Wanja of IStillLoveHER.de

The video was directed and edited by Sacramento Knoxx

Special Thanks to Wanja Lange over at iStillLoveHER.de
Feedback: thestereoboyz@gmail.com